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Christian jewelry crafted with respect for people and the environment.


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Welcome to "The Blessing" collection, an exclusive array of high-gloss Christian charms made from recycled silver. These elegantly clean-cut pieces of jewelry have a unique and graphic expression, where two faces are beautifully engraved together. This detail symbolizes your face and God's face close together, a depiction of His proximity and serving love.

The design of these Christian silver charms is inspired by the song "The Blessing" and the Bible verse in Numbers 6:24-26: "The Lord blesses you and protects you. The Lord makes His face shine upon you and shows you mercy. The Lord turns His face towards you and gives you peace." This powerful prayer for God's blessing, proximity, grace, and peace is engraved in each piece, making it a constant reminder for the wearer.

The Blessing collection offers timeless Christian charms for both men and women. Whether you wear these pieces for yourself or as a gift for someone you hold in your heart, they will serve as a powerful and stylish expression of faith.

Halsband dam: The Blessing - ZOE HOOP JEWELRY
Halsband dam: The Blessing - ZOE HOOP JEWELRY
The Blessing for women
price from $75.50 $151.00
Halsband herr: The Blessing - ZOE HOOP JEWELRY
Halsband herr: The Blessing - ZOE HOOP JEWELRY
Necklace for men: The Blessing
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