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Necklace lengths

A silver or gold chain is a timeless accessory that can elevate any outfit, but finding the right necklace length can be challenging. Whether you prefer a shorter or longer chain, there is a length that suits your personal style. We have compiled a guide to different silver and gold chain lengths that ZOE HOOP offers for our jewelry and provide tips on how to wear them to match your outfit.

Short chain necklaces (40-50 cm)

Popular for daily use and go well with most outfits. A 40 cm short silver chain will rest just above the collarbone and can be worn with a small pendant or without a pendant at all for a more minimalist look. A shorter chain also works well for creating layered effects when combined with other longer chains.

Necklaces with medium-length chain (60-70 cm)

One of the most popular lengths for both silver and gold chains. A 60-70 cm long chain will rest just below the breastbone and works well with most outfits. This is also a popular length for pendant necklaces, as it provides enough space to showcase the jewelry. To create a modern look, you can combine a medium-length chain with a shorter chain and create a layered effect.

Necklaces with long chain (80-90 cm)

Perfect for creating a more bohemian or romantic look. An 80-90 cm long chain will rest just above or below the belly, depending on your height. This length is ideal for larger pendant necklaces or if you want to create a more dramatic look.