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Sustainable jewelry makes a difference

ZOE HOOP JEWELRY makes a difference with sustainable jewelry based on UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 5, 8, 9 and 12:

No Poverty (Goal 1)

ZOE HOOP supports the use of ethical and sustainable practices in their production processes. By working with suppliers who share their values around fair working conditions and sustainability, they help support communities and reduce the negative impact of the jewelry industry. Artisans working at the manufacturing facility can send their children to school and put food on the table for their families.

Gender Equality (Goal 5)

ZOE HOOP is a women-driven company, with 70% female artisans. By supporting the brand, customers help promote gender equality in the workforce.

Gender equality is a key factor for sustainable development, where all people regardless of gender are given the opportunity to live on equal terms in society. Some of the goals under the fifth goal are to eradicate gender discrimination and ensure that all women and girls have increased influence.

Many women in developing countries live under regimes that oppress women as second-class citizens, denying them freedom, job opportunities, or education offered to men.

Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8)

ZOE HOOP supports ethical and sustainable practices in their production processes, including responsible sourcing of materials and support for fair working conditions. By doing this, they help promote decent work and economic growth within the jewelry industry.

Sustainable Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (Goal 9)

As a jewelry company focusing on sustainable production, ZOE HOOP contributes to promoting sustainable innovation and infrastructure. They use only high-quality, sustainable materials, in their jewelry manufacturing process, including recycled silver and other metals, as well as responsibly sourced gemstones.

Sustainable Consumption and Production (Goal 12)

ZOE HOOP's focus on creating timeless, personal jewelry that can be preserved for many years aligns with the goal of responsible consumption and production. By encouraging customers to invest in high-quality, lasting jewelry rather than fast fashion, the brand helps reduce waste and promote sustainable consumption.

Why are the UN Sustainable Development Goals important in developing countries?

Developing countries often face challenges such as poverty, limited access to resources, and weak governance, which can exacerbate the negative effects of unsustainable practices on communities and the environment. By promoting sustainable practices, including those related to ethical production, gender equality, and responsible consumption, companies like ZOE HOOP can help support communities in developing countries, reduce poverty, and promote economic growth in a sustainable manner. Additionally, the use of sustainable and recycled materials can help reduce the environmental impact of production, which is especially important in developing countries where the effects of climate change can have significant consequences for vulnerable populations.

Did you know that by supporting sustainable and ethical jewelry brands like ZOE HOOP, you can make a positive impact on the world? By using recycled metals and responsibly sourced gemstones, ZOE HOOP helps promote sustainable production and reduce the negative impact of the jewelry industry on communities and the environment. Moreover, as a women-driven company with 70% female artisans, they also promote gender equality within the workforce. Let's all make a difference by choosing brands that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.