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Christian jewelry crafted with respect for people and the environment.


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About our jewelry

This piece of jewelry is handmade by skilled artisans in Thailand. 

The family business was founded in the mid-70s and we chose them because they have good working conditions for their employees and specialize in producing high-quality jewelry. Below are the three women who lead the company and on the far right is the owner Kim.

We are delighted that the company is owned and led by women, that it has 70% female employees and that women have the same opportunities as men to develop and advance within the company.

Caroline in the wax department with one of the craftswomen.

The jewelry is cast into moulds or rolled out by hand and then handcrafted by professional blacksmiths, engravers, and stone setters to achieve their elegant finish. You should know that when you buy a piece of jewelry made by them, it makes a big difference. Not only for the crafts women and men but also for the environment, as all the silver we use in our jewelry is recycled. You can be proud to both wear and give away ZOE HOOP jewelry.

Recycled, purified silver grains for making new jewelry

The angel is shaped into wax before being cast into silver.

Punching into silver plate for the round pendant.

Stone setting of The Mustard Seed bracelet.

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