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Christian jewelry crafted with respect for people and the environment.


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In our Mustard Seed Collection with Swarovski jewelry, you'll find more than just beautiful accessories. Inspired by the biblical verse from Mark 4, these pieces of jewelry are designed to serve as reminders of your unique potential and worth. Each piece, from our sleek rigid bracelet to our beloved chain bracelet and the cherished necklace, contains a sparkling Swarovski crystal, the size of a mustard seed. These minimalist, elegant pieces are crafted from refined, recycled sterling silver, with a thick layer of 18K gold as an exclusive option.

These pieces of Swarovski jewelry are not only beautiful to wear but also meaningful. They serve as reminders that even the smallest idea, talent, or gift you possess is precious and has the potential to grow and bring joy to others. Both the silver and gold versions of these bracelets and necklaces uphold the highest quality, making them a perfect gift for yourself or someone you want to encourage and show appreciation.

This is a collection for the style-conscious individual who appreciates jewelry with meaning, and it has gained attention in publications like Vogue and ELLE, as well as at fashion weeks in Paris and New York.

Explore our Mustard Seed Collection to find the perfect piece of Swarovski jewelry that means more.