Christian jewelry crafted with respect for people and the environment.


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Our story

ZOE HOOP is a Swedish brand founded in 2019. We want our jewelry to spread faith, hope and encouragement.

We strive to produce ethically sourced jewelry and are consciously choosing partnerships with others who share our vision. Which means that they must have good working conditions and wages for the artisans and that we always aim to use good quality recycled silver and gold.

Every piece of jewelry is inspired by one or two bible passages filled with encouragement, hope, faith and love. Our trade name, ZOE HOOP, expresses these virtues. ZOE means life and HOOP or ring symbolizes the circular thinking, love and devotion. Our hope and prayer is that those who wear the jewelry as well as the crafters who make it will experience these virtues!

All jewelry come in our beautiful, special designed, jewelry box Trinity.

Here, Caroline Johansson, the founder, tells us about the vision behind ZOE HOOP:

Our vision ZOE HOOP

Unique design
We are overwhelmed by the great response our jewelry has received from the start. it's heart warming when you and tell us what the pieces mean to you.

We are grateful that TV, newspapers, blogs and fashion magazines paid attention to us from the start. It was a pleasant surprise that Vanity Fair contacted us at the beginning of 2021 and wished to show The Shepherd's Cross in its April issue. When British VOGUE contacted us a month later, it exceeded all our expectations. We are delighted they wrote this about ZOE HOOP:

“Swedish jewellery brand ZOE HOOP is more than what meets the eye; valuing authenticity, care and love. Their pieces are beautifully designed in recycled silver with a heavy layer of 18 carat gold, handmade by artisans with fair working conditions and wages. Their quality jewellery aims to warm the hearts of yourself and those around you, to act as a daily reminder of love, hope and faith”  VOGUE, July 2021

We are proud that our designer Caroline Johansson, was discovered by a talent scout from New York and chosen to show ZOE HOOP's jewelry at the fashion weeks in New York and Paris on the show "The Ones To Watch". She has also been mentioned in British VOGUE as "Star of tomorrow" for designing unique silver jewelry.

Social and environmental sustainability
ZOE HOOP strive to produce our jewelry and products as sustainably as possible:

Our silver is recycled and so is the card used in our Trinity jewelry box. Our brochure, bags and cardboard envelopes are FSC certified and climate-neutral.

We searched for more than a year to find a producer in a developing country that had fair working conditions for their employees. We are so glad to be working together with a family run business in Thailand who truly value their talented colleagues and follow the below ethical standards:

1) All workers are at least 18 years old fairly paid.
2) All workers are given an hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks each day.
3) Air-conditioning is available in all dedicated production rooms, as well as the office.
4) Each employee has an ergonomic chair.
5) An opportunity for other family members wishing to train or work at the company when they are eligible to do so.
6) Most workers are given a year-end bonus (roughly half a month’s salary on average in 2019) with only new workers not given a bonus.
7) Any interested worker is offered free eye checks and subsidized prescription eyeglasses.