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Necklace for woman: Eternity's Shore

Eternity's Shore is a stylish high-shine pendant made from purified recycled silver, lavishly coated in a heavy layer of 18K gold. The design depicting two people embracing each other has been delicately engraved onto the front side with the verses Rev 21:4, 1 Thess 4:14 and Phil 4:7 on the back. 

We all go through difficult times in life and most especially when we lose someone close to us. Know that you are not alone and that God is right there with you sharing in your grief and giving you strength. His peace that passes all understanding can comfort and carry you through your sorrow. 

Memorial, Remembrance & Bereavement

This pendant is designed to be a reminder of the hope we have of meeting our loved one again on the shores of eternity, where God himself will wipe the tears away from our eyes.

Size: 0.67" Ø x 0.05"
Materials: Recycled purified sterling silver coated with a thick layer of 18K gold. Supplied in ZOE HOOP's specially designed Trinity jewelry box.

Choose chain lengths of 15-19", 23-27" and 31-35" (40-50, 60-70 or 80-90cm)
Size: 0,67 " Ø x 0,05" (17mm Ø x 1.5mm)
Plating: Gold 18K/ Silver 925

  • Delivered within 4-5 days
  • Free delivery
  • All pieces of jewelry are delivered in our specially designed box, Trinity

A very smart look when worn together with the Eternity's shore bracelet.

Designed in Sweden, handmade in Thailand 

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Ewa A
En varm kram!

Att mista nära och kära gör ont! Att sakna någon är svårt! Med detta smycke runt halsen får jag en påminnelse om att vi ses igen, att jag inte är ensam utan Gud står vid min sida oavsett hur min situation ser ut.