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The Mustard Seed - Swarovski Bracelet

Finally here is the requested narrow chain Swarovski bracelet with The Mustard Seed.The bracelet matches perfectly with our popular necklace The Mustard Seed. The combination of the chain bracelet, the charm with its satin finish and the sparkling lovely Swarovski crystal is exquisite.

This bracelet is a reminder that the smallest idea, talent or gift you have is precious. If it finds its way into the right soil, it can grow and become great, to the delight of others, just as a mustard seed can become a great tree.

God sees that you are full of potential and he loves you. In His eyes, you and what you hold within you sparkle more beautifully than crystal. Wear the charm as a reminder that you are unique and talented.

Both the silver and gold bracelets are of very high quality and are incredibly beautiful and easy to wear. An exclusive gift for yourself or someone you want to encourage and show appreciation.

The bracelet has an adjustable length: 14.5, 16.5 or 18.5 cm. One size.
The charm is Ø 13 mm and 1.5 mm high, the Swarovski crystal Ø 2 mm, the size of a mustard seed.

There is also a rigid bracelet (a bangle) and a necklace inspired by the same biblical words taken from Mark 4 in the Mustard Seed collection.

Plating: Gold 18K (Gold Vermeil)/ Silver 925

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Designed in Sweden, handmade in Thailand.

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