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Hello, dear friends!

I was about to write a blog post about spring jewelry trends when something exciting happened! reached out and invited me to do a lifestyle photoshoot featuring my jewelry alongside designs from LITA Couture and MAISON MAES in New York at the end of April. Here are the results of that shoot, combined with my own insights on the jewelry trends for 2024. I'll be discussing what's trending now and what to expect this fall, based on what I've seen at fashion weeks in Paris and New York. 

  1. Layered Necklaces
    From street style to the Oscars red carpet, layered necklaces are making a big comeback.

    Trend Tip: Shepherd's Cross Collection in Gold. Our Shepherd's Cross necklaces look stunning when layered with shorter chains.

    Trend Tip: Layer the Great Plan necklace on a 40-50 cm chain with men's chains at 50 and 60 cm for a trendy look.

    Trend Tip: The Little Shepherd's Cross with Mustard Seed. This simple and elegant design pairs perfectly with bold outfits, like a faux-fur jacket.
  2. The Beloved Heart
    A classic heart-shaped piece of jewelry goes with everything. We're seeing it in various styles in street fashion right now.

    Trend Tip: Cross is Love Collection in Gold. Perfect for a festive dress, this collection's engraved cross adds a meaningful touch.

    Trend Tip: 
    Combine a subtle Cross is Love necklace in silver with a trendy deep V-neck dress, triangular Mighty Earrings, and bold long gloves for a chic, daring look.
  3. Black and Gold
    Designers are experimenting with onyx, black enamel, and black diamonds, creating a striking trend.

    Trend Tip: Apple of My Eye Collection with Onyx. Pair this collection with a leather jacket and black faux leather gloves for an edgy look. A statement ring on the pinky finger adds a bold touch.
  4. Under the Sea
    Beachy, boho-chic trends are making a comeback, featuring everything from seashells to our Jellyfish earrings.

    Trend Tip: Jellyfish Earrings.With their sparkling chains, these earrings perfectly complement a chiffon tie-neck blouse, elevating any outfit.
  5. Bold Bracelets
    Statement bracelets are everywhere this year. Layer several together when wearing shorter sleeves.

    Trend Tip: The Great Plan Cuff. Stylish and meaningful, this cuff looks great on both men...

     ... and women
  6. Long, Dangling Necklaces
    Long chains with large pendants are making a return, as seen in shows by Christian Dior, Rick Owens, Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, and Tom Ford.

    Trend Tip: Fear Not Necklace in SilverStyled on an 80 cm men's chain, layered with 40 and 50 cm chains, and paired with Fear Not Hoops and a white puff-sleeve dress with black high gloves for a cool look.
  7. Round Hoop Earrings
    Round earrings are making a statement this year. If you're choosing just one piece of jewelry in 2024, go for a pair of round hoops. A unique trend we've seen is wearing a larger hoop in one ear and a smaller one in the other. This is easily achievable with our large and small Fear Not Hoops.

    Trend Tip: Combining Fear Not Hoops with Apple of My Eye Studs Wearing large Fear Not Hoops with Apple of My Eye studs creates a stylish look.

    Trend Tip: Small Fear Not Hoops, The Great Plan Necklace, and Layered Chains. These pieces are a perfect match for this year's trends.

    Trend Tip: The Mustard Seed Earrings. These simple, luxurious hoops add a touch of elegance to any classic outfit.

  8. Handcrafted Gold Crosses
    Artistic, unique crosses that tell a story through their design are hotter than ever. Wear multiple pieces together to create a layered look.

    Trend Tip: The Shepherd's CrossThis piece, which tells the story of Psalm 23 through its design, is unique and meaningful. Layer the small cross at the throat with the larger one hanging below, connected by a simple women's chain.

    Embrace the Trends and Make Them Your Own
    Other trends include "full look" jewelry matching your outfit's material, animal-themed pieces, integrated links (like belts), and jewelry with faces.

    Trend Tip: The Blessing Earrings and NecklaceThese pieces feature two engraved faces looking at each other, adding a thoughtful touch to your look.

    Fashion is fun, but ultimately, you choose the jewelry and combinations that resonate with you. Be bold and create your own personal style. Mix meaningful layered necklaces with a cool statement ring and hoops, and don't forget a chunky bracelet to enhance your personality and add a touch of strength to your day!

    Big hugs,

Caroline Johansson

Designer, speaker and CEO ZOE HOOP




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