Spring fashion 2021 - ZOE HOOP JEWELRY

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The spring fashion is influenced by our time. When more time is spent at home and meetings are digital fashion is affected. It needs to be simple and comfortable.

We see beautiful feelgood dresses in a variety of comfortable fabrics and qualities, both in peaceful white as well as more colorful patterns and bold colors, with pink staying on as one of the major color trends.

The Great Plan ID-Necklace in gold vermeil, 80-90 cm chain

To dress needs to be simple and the classic monochrome black/white fashion has had a boost. Matching a pair of black comfortable pants with a big white shirt or denim jacket is just right.

The Great Plan ID-Necklace and bangle in silver, 40-50 cm chain

Large statement jewelry is super trendy and especially so charms of different kinds. Wear your favorite pendant on a long chain or even several pieces tastefully layer on layer. Just as good-looking on a cool T-shirt with print as on a white, simplistic blouse.

The golden Angel and The Great Plan ID-Necklace for women, 40-50 cm chain
The Kingdom for men in silver, 80 cm chain
The Blessing in gold vermeil on the 60-70 cm chain and The great Plan Bangle in gold vermeil

Dressing tastefully in natural colors, and layer on layer is also just right in time. Even combined with loafers or slip-in sandals on your feet.

The Angel necklace in silver

In a time when many business meetings are digital, also business fashion has become airy and comfortable. An oversized shirt or jacket and a pair of wide/airy pants with some extra detail is just right.

The Angel necklace and the Blessing in silver on our 40-50 cm chain
The Blessing for men in gold vermeil, 50 cm chain