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Starting ZOE HOOP has been an incredibly exciting and often challenging journey for me - transitioning from having a regular job to working with Christian jewelry and going out to lecture about my journey with ZOE HOOP.

All the positive things that have happened and the people I've met along the way have made me stick to my vision, to remind people of God's word, even though it has been very stressful many times.

When I dared to move forward, doors opened step by step, and when I hear what the jewelry means to you, how it touches, leads to faith, inspiration, healing, and security, I feel this is truly what I'm meant to do. Acknowledgments from major fashion magazines and invitations to the Super Bowl by “NFL Off the Field Wives” and so on have been sources of inspiration that have given me renewed strength.

Over the past year, many have reached out wanting me to come and share my story in various contexts. I find it so rewarding to inspire others to dare to pursue what they are passionate about.

Last spring, I was asked if I could participate in a short film about my testimony in English, and you can see the result below. Through the film, I hope to inspire, and if you wish, you can book a lecture with me where I share even more deeply and in detail about my journey.

The message in the film has recently been recognized by churches in the USA, and I have been invited to some exciting conferences and events this fall, which I will share about on the blog in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

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Please watch the film and consider the opportunity to let others hear the story and be inspired in your setting. Maybe your women's breakfast or after-work event would be suitable?

Together, we can learn more about the unexpected ways God can guide us. A simple way to encourage your friends is to share the link to the film on your social media. It means a lot to me if you do that.


To learn more about me as a Christian Women's speaker and how to book, click here.

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Caroline Johansson

Designer, speaker and CEO ZOE HOOP




Lena Maria Vendelius Foto: Johnny Lindgren / Me3dia
Interview: Lena Maria Vendelius

Meet the artist whose life story, filled with hope and a fight for equal rights, illustrates that ZOE HOOP's jewelry does more than just complement a style, it carries greater messages.

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