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The story of ZOE HOOP has now been featured in a really good podcast. In"Martinson möter" (Martinsson meets), I am interviewed about both my own journey and how it led toChristian jewelry contributing to achieving the UN's global sustainability goals and combatting poverty.

A big reason why I chose to participate is that the podcast is run by the Christian child sponsorship organization Compassion Sweden. They have long supported children living in extreme poverty. So, it felt especially good to be invited and also give you, the reader, the opportunity to make a difference. 

Special Offer from ZOE HOOP for Compassion

Simply by listening and sharing the episode, you contribute to raising awareness so that Compassion can help where it is most needed in the world.

In connection with the podcast, I also had the opportunity to provide a special Compassion offer where you can support their work just by ordering beautiful jewelry for loved ones. We donate 20% of the order value directly to Compassion when you enter the discount code 'Compassion' at checkout on zoehoopjewelry.com (valid until 30 September 2023). 

Behind the Scenes in the Podcast World

But how does it really happen when I appear on a podcast, you might wonder? Last summer, I was at the inspiring New Wine conference in Vänersborg with ZOE HOOP, where Compassion was also an exhibitor. Mattias Martinson asked me if I wanted to be on his podcast after meeting us and seeing the jewelry.

It was a beautiful and fun episode where the first half was about the most personal moments in my life, then the focus shifted to the incredible journey with ZOE HOOP.

Podcast session about christian jewelry

Together with my husband (and later with our sons), I have attended the conference for the past 20 years, so even though it was live in front of an audience, it felt warm and familiar.

Mattias Martinson's ability to be engaged and curious also led to laughter, reflection, and insights. I believe every listener will find something valuable in this episode.

Feel free to start the player below and join us on this journey. Only available in Swedish.

Who is Martinson?

Mattias Martinson, evangelist for the aid organization Compassion, possesses a multifaceted talent that goes beyond preaching. Besides traveling around Sweden and leading worship, he is also a talented musician and songwriter whose songs and albums have become popular in many churches. He has also served as a pastor in Vineyard Gothenburg and leader in Nimbus Church Öckerö.

In his podcast "Martinson möter", Mattias invites a variety of guests for in-depth discussions about faith, life, and passions. The conversations are characterized by both seriousness and laughter, and listeners get to hear stories from exciting profiles. 

What is Compassion?

Being on "Martinson möter" means more than just spreading the message about ZOE HOOP. Compassion Sweden has, since its start in 2013, worked to free children from poverty in Jesus' name. This organization has its roots in Compassion International, the world's third-largest child sponsorship organization, which has been around since 1952.

An organization that puts the child's best interests at the center and strives to provide support on multiple levels, always with love and faith as core values. That's why I'm thrilled to have been invited to this special recording.

Please read more at https://www.compassion.com

20% of Order Value to Compassion

By placing an order on zoehoopjewelry.com and entering the discount code 'Compassion' at checkout, we donate 20% of the order value directly to Compassion and their work to save children from poverty. (valid until 30 September 2023).

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Caroline Johansson

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