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It has now been almost five months since the launch of ZOE HOOP, and I am completely overwhelmed with the warm welcome we have received. It warms my heart every time someone orders a pieceand very happy when they come back and rate the designs and share a few words about the jewelry.

This wonderful e-mail arrived the other day from Mariell Larsson:


I just wanted to tell you of how happy I am with the cross I bought a while ago. It was well received by the 15 year old and he wears it everyday, and so do I (As I was there buying a confirmation present, I bought one for myself too) I have read about your company in the magasine Budbäraren and in another newspaper, so fun..."

I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to tell the story of ZOE HOOP in the Swedish media. It has been a great way for us to communicate in this very specific period of time we live in right now.

Here on Vision of Sweden, amazing Amanda interviews me (in Swedish):

The newspaper "Världen idag", published a well-written, article of my story for a couple of weeks ago, and I recommend that you read it (in Swedish), please click on the link below the picture:!w7FaAn2m3v0RbenH0lGQ/

The magazine "Dagen" was the first paper to write about ZOE HOOP and recently Budbäraren wrote about us, please click on the links below:


The ZOE HOOP article in Budbärarens is free of charge:


I am so thankful for the time that has passed and hope that you will enjoy your jewelry and tell your family and friends.  Follow ZOE HOOP in social media (if you're not already doing so), we are on Facebook and Instagram @zoehoopjewelry. Please sign up to get e-mails from us, at the bottom of this page, to be the first to hear about our new fall collection.







Caroline Johansson

Designer, speaker and CEO ZOE HOOP




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