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Our Journey to Create Unique Christian Jewelry

Starting up ZOE HOOP has been both fun and exciting. The road from starting out to having finished Christian jewelry has not been an easy one. We are so happy to have finally found a distributor that meets our demand for quality, craftmanship and sustainability. We look after the environment, but most importantly our craftsmen have good working conditions.

The Impact of Our Sustainable Christian Jewelry

It should feel good to wear our Christian jewelry, from several perspectives. The wearer should feel encouraged, strengthened, and reminded of the good message, but it should also be an empowerment to the craftsmen that made the jewelry, and an opportunity for them to earn a living. In the future, we hope to have distributors across the world, and that we can be there to make a difference in people’s lives.

Guidance and Support on Our Path

Since the very beginning, we have had many prayers answered. When we haven’t known how to move forward, we have asked for guidance. Time and time again, we have then come into contact with key people who have coached us and contributed with their expertise. We are so grateful for that. You are amazing, and you have made this journey so much brighter.

The Shepherd's Cross: A Symbol of Faith and Love

The answer to one of our prayers came in relation to the development of the prototype for the piece of Christian jewelry that we call The Shepherd´s Cross, where the shepherd’s cane and staff are shaped to form a cross. I had contacted several blacksmiths around the West Coast, but everyone responded that they were too busy. I prayed: “Now I don’t know how to move forward. You must help me. You have called on me to make Christian jewelry, so show me how this is going to work.” I continued to work on other jobs, and two days later, I received a message on my mobile from one of the blacksmiths: “I think I’m going to make this piece of Christian jewelry for you. I feel that God is telling me to do it.”  It was an amazing feeling to see the cross grow from being a sketched drawing into a reality. The end-result was just as beautiful as I had envisaged it would be. I am filled with joy as I finally can wear the shepherd’s stick and rod - shaped to a cross - around my neck as a reminder of Psalm 23 and John 10:11.

Sharing Our Christian Jewelry with the World

I feel so happy now, to finally be able to wear the first pieces of Christian jewelry, to know that they exist for real, and to be able to share them with you. I hope that you will find happiness in wearing them and be reminded of their powerful message when you see them. You are valuable, unique, and loved!

Portrait of Caroline Johansson - founder och Christian jewlery brand ZOE HOOP
Caroline Johansson - founder ZOE HOOP

Caroline Johansson, designer and founder of ZOE HOOP

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Caroline Johansson

Designer, speaker and CEO ZOE HOOP




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