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I am very happy that ZOE HOOP, as the only Swedish brand, was chosen to participate in Flying Solos show the Ones To Watch on September 12th this year.

We even got our own show. It turned out so well, and I'm so grateful to Flying Solo's professional team who had to be our eyes and hands in New York when we unfortunately could not get an entry permit to the United States, due to the pandemic.

There were eight different beautiful spring looks, just as we sketched. Five female and three male models, dressed in our down-to-earth Scandinavian color palette, with my jewelry in different lengths, layer upon layer in silver and gold.

It felt almost unreal when it finally became our turn. It was amazing to see the models with my jewelry on the rooftop runway, Pier 59 Studios, New York. My heart was pounding in my throat and there was great cheering at home, when they finally entered the stage.

Many have asked how my jewelry ended up in New York? 

It was a talent scout who found ZOE HOOP via our Instagram account this summer and who wondered if I would like to sell my jewelry on West Broadway in New York? 

Yes of course! After a couple of application rounds and an interview with Flying Solos CEO, it was confirmed that ZOE HOOP's jewelry would be sold in their exclusive store in SoHo, NewYork. That's amazing! 

They also have a showroom The Copper Room, 5000 sq ft., at 382 W Broadway and it is Flying Solo's more private location for press, VIP and celebrity appointments and stylist pulls, where ZOE HOOP's jewelry is available... more on that later.

I thank God for the doors He opens and hope that you, who read this blog post, will be inspired to do what you are passionate about. Dare to believe in your idea, work hard and count on God in everything.

Caroline Johansson, designer and founder ZOE HOOP

Caroline Johansson

Designer, speaker and CEO ZOE HOOP




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