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Paris Fashion Week, what a blessed experience, so many talented, beautiful, and creative people at the same place. 

The day before the show was the fitting day. We met all the other designers of clothes, shoes and accessories at the most beautiful venue La Galerie Bourbon on the street next to the Triumf arc.

We were paired with a sustainable cool avantgarde streetwear label called BALINX and after some hours we were set with all the looks for the show.

All the designers also did a short interview for the press with Elizabeth Solomeina the head of Flying Solo. 

The next day September 30th was Show day! ZOE HOOP and BALINX were to show as number eight, in the first show. The beautiful room was crowded with people from the fashion industry, photographers, influencers and press. 

The show in Paris is a little bit different from NewYork and better for jewelry brands; after the catwalk the models stand to be photographed. 

It was a surreal feeling, like when I played “show” as a child (my favorite game). After the show we got great applause from the audience, which was a good sign. They liked what they saw.

Here is our show (3 min):

I would also like to share some of the stills from the show:

The Shepherd's Cross Earrings and the Great Plan Bangles in gold vermeil.

Check out the Shepherd's Cross earring for men

The Shepherd's Cross Earrings, The great plan bangles and The Angel necklace in recycled silver.

Have a look at The Shepherd's Cross necklaceand the Great Plan necklace in Gold Vermeil for men.

The Mustard Seedand the Great Plan necklace for men in recycled silver.

Thank you for reading, it was nice to share this experience with you!

Caroline Johansson,
Designer ZOE HOOP

Caroline Johansson

Designer, speaker and CEO ZOE HOOP




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